Evangelism in Spain

Spain comprises the major part of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, as well as the Canary Islands off northwest Africa and the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla on the North African coast.

The world’s mightiest economic power in the 16th Century, followed by three centuries of declines and economic stagnation until entry into the EU in 1986. The recession, which began in 2008 slowed economic growth significantly and Spain now has one of Europe’s highest unemployment rates.

Christianity is the largest religion in the country, but only 1% claim to be Evangelical believers. However, Benjamin Martin’s ministry, Evangelismo en Accion (EEA), is working to reverse that trend, through a very holistic approach to reaching people of all ages from every aspect of society.

After the last regional elections changed the political landscape Benjamin has been working hard to foster good relationships with the authorities of the various towns and cities where EEA is involved in evangelistic activities. This past summer EEA coordinated nine children’s festivals, which enabled them to reach more young people, as Benjamin explains: “We made many new contacts whom we now want to visit and show
warm friendship, as well as to offer literature and other evangelistic materials.”

EEA’s ministry is also impacting the older generation and recently saw two elderly people come to Christ through their discipleship course in Velez-Malaga. During their Christmas outreach Benjamin’s team distributed 1,200 calendars, which included daily evangelistic meditations, in cities where they have planted several churches. This is a good way of establishing new contacts and further personal relationships. Benjamin added: “We also hold special evangelistic events for children in our church in Torremolinos, Malaga called ‘Saturday Adventure,’ which often attract several Muslim families, who we warmly welcome.”

The EEA team is deeply grateful for your support in prayer and practical contributions, helping them to meet the endless needs of their pioneering work and its consolidation in the extension of God’s Kingdom.