Hundreds of people fled in panic from the fast-approaching flames engulfing the coastal resorts on the eastern coastline of Greece in July 2018. Many ran towards the sea, others attempted to drive through the terrifying apocalypse.

Among those fleeing by car was TEN partner, Viorica and her husband Dominic who became caught in the middle of the fire while driving home along the highway. They experienced first-hand the horror and fear of not being able to escape. With the flames fast approaching and hardly able to see anything due to the smoke, they prayed for a way out of the highway that was packed with cars and full of terrified people unable to escape.

The police finally redirected them and for a few moments they felt relieved. But then they drove into another fire and with urgent prayers and boldness they drove through only to discover a third one. Fearful and unable to see ahead, due to the smoke and flames, they prayerfully drove through the last one to finally reach a safe place.

Viorica and Dominic can only praise God for His protection over them. However, they deeply mourn the great loss of life for so many who ere unable to find a way out.

Please pray for the hundreds of families mourning the loss of loved ones. Pray for the churches as they reach out to the bereaved and the hundreds who have suffered the loss of their homes and all their possessions.

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