English Café takes place at Mosaic Living Centre in Bar, Montenegro. It’s a place, where on a Friday evening from 6pm–9pm, local people of all ages can meet together to learn and practice the English language. English Café classes are based on everyday topics such as travel, sports and food and held in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

English Cafe volunteer

Libby, Operation Mobilisation Volunteer

The activity attracts people from different backgrounds and cultures, including Serbians and Ukrainian refugees. Facilitated by English-speaking volunteers from Operation Mobilisation such as Libby from far-away Barbados, English Café  is a unique bridge between the community and the local church. There is a great interest among young people in learning English.

TEN Partner, Daniel Stracinski reports, “The café offers an opportunity for Christians to meet, help and get to know people from Orthodox and Muslim backgrounds who have never been to an evangelical church. “With music playing in the background, participants are offered drinks and snacks throughout the evening. A place to take part in games to help them feel comfortable, before joining structured discussion groups, where they can freely share their opinions and experiences from life. “By building friendships some attendees have already begun to come along to Sunday meetings and some young people are already part of the church. One young man who regularly attends English Café now brings his friends along. He has become a devoted believer even he bring his parents to church. The growing church in Bar is eager to use all opportunities to engage with the local community for God’s glory.”

The OM team has already had to buy more tables and chairs so everyone can have a seat.

Daniel Stracinski

Daniel Stracinski, Pastor, Bar Church, Montenegro

Natja said,“It’s beautiful but challenging at the same time. Many of our guests don’t speak Serbian, and we don’t speak Russian, so we need to be very creative to achieve translation and understanding. That’s where technology comes in so useful. Many of these families from the Ukraine don’t know what their future holds or how their homeland may change. They are in Montenegro in a transition phase, and that makes it hard for them to commit to a church. But God still loves everyone through us. And that’s why we want to embrace the challenges God gives us. In a mosaic, there is always room for one more little part. Our wish is that God will bring many more pieces into our Mosaic.”

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