Dear friends and partners in prayer,

Thank God for sending people to pray for Emanuel Hospice. Prayer has always been so important and a source of encouragement to all the staff. Continue to pray for God to send more people to join in prayers of thanksgiving and praise for Emanuel Hospice. Thank God for blessing others through Emanuel Hospice ministry and the many future plans He has for us. Please pray with us this month for:

  • Pray for safety for our staff members in travelling to and from patients whilst driving in the winder conditions. The snow keeps falling and transportation turns to be more and more difficult.
  • Pray for health and strength for the staff and their families during the cold and flu season as colds and flu start to emerge.
  • Pray that God will continue to provide financially for Emanuel Hospice and that we continue to remain faithful servants with all He provides. A new year brings a new set of challenges. Pray that we will be able to overcome them all.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for the Administrative Department as they plan this years budget. Pray the Lord reveals and makes the financial plans clear for them in order to meet financial needs of this ministry, Pray that they will be good stewards of God’s financial blessings.
  • Pray for all those that donate to Emanuel Hospice. Pray for blessings on the many supporters of this ministry,. Give thanks and praise to God for each and every supporter as Emanuel Hospice is a ministry God has continued to bless through these people.
  • Pray for the meetings which Marinela has with the architects, technicians, contractor and the Board of Consultancy regarding the building project of the new hospice. Pray fir wisdom, guidance and provision from God, so that the construction works will progress this year in an accelerated rhythm.
  • This month, Oradea Social Community Administration will organise a gala for our amazing community volunteers. Pray for the many volunteers that work in so many varying tasks, that they continue to do it to the glory of God and that they each feel encouraged and feel the joy of helping serve in our hospice. May they continue to do any task with the joy of the Lord, and relieve all stresses and concerns that may cause them to be anxious. Pray for blessings on all their efforts that they see the fruits of their labour.
  • Pray for all families in hospice care, that peace be restored where there is conflict and joy and forgiveness that God has brought through Jesus our Saviour.
  • We congratulate our colleague Paula for passing the written portion for the drivers licence. Soon, on February 5th, she will be taking the practical driving test. Please pray that she will pass the first time because it is very stressful!


Thank you for continuing to pray for Emanuel Hospice in 2015!