“Call to me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty” Jeremiah ch.33 v.3

  • We are very happy to inform you that the building programme has recommenced! Last week we signed a contract of sponsorship with the cement company Holcim, which will support the new hospice project giving us in a first stage 480 tones of cement. Pray that God will provide good weather this autumn in Oradea so that we can progress with the building works as initially it was planned (to build the basement). What a sight it will be to actually see the building rise! This will be such an amazing fulfilment of the vision given to Marinela who was chosen to take this step of faith. We need to pray for her and work alongside her.
  • Please pray for the Buy a Brick! Campaign which is about to be re-launched. We need to sell many more bricks in order to complete the construction. Pray that many people will answer to our request and that this campaign will be successful. 
  • Pray for the patients and families assisted by Emanuel Hospice at this time. Especially pray for Beni, age 9, who is in the last stage of brain tumor. Beni knows that the doctors told to her mother that he doesn’t have any chance for cure and that he was discharged home from hospital to die. He asked to have a talk with an elderly from his church recently regarding baptism and was baptized at his request last Sunday. Pray that Beni will feel God’s love, comfort and care in spite of the progression of the disease; pray for his parents who are devastated to assist how their boy’s body deteriorates. 
  • Pray also for a little girl, Anamaria, age 4 who recently lost her Mom, in hospice care. We know God is concerned about orphans. Pray that although she is young, she will know the love of the Heavenly Father. Pray for Annamaria’s father and grandmother that they are comforted by God in their grief. 
  • Pray for the Hospice medical team. Every month they bring comfort to about 140 patients (100 adults and 40 kids). Pray for their health and God’s protection over each of them as they are serving these that are in need. Pray for restoration of their emotional strength.
  • Pray for our colleague, nurse Annamaria and her husband Istvan. They were expecting their first child, a baby boy. From unknown reasons the heart of the little boy stopped to beat in the womb of the mother. Pray for God’s comfort and encouragement of the grieved parents. 
  • Pray for blessings and productivity of the National Taskforce on Development of Volunteering in Palliative Care in Romania. Emanuel Hospice is represented in this initiative and expertize group which is now developing a national strategy and the training curricula for volunteer coordinators across Romania. Our aim is to inspire more people to join our vision and to reach out to more hurting hearts, expanding palliative care services to the unreached communities in the country. Dr. David Levy is a highly respected American neurosurgeon, author of the book “Gray Matter, A neurosurgeon discovers the power of prayer”. In October, Emanuel Hospice and Scriptum, a local publishing company, will organize the launch event of Dr. Levy’s book into Romanian language, in the presence of the author. Emanuel Hospice will organize on October 29th a conference for healthcare professionals where Dr. Levy is invited to lecture on “Health: performance, humanity and spirituality”. Pray that God will use Dr. Levy and his book to inspire, encourage and be a blessing for many professionals with the occasion of his visit in Romania. Pray for energy and safe travel for Dr. Levy. 
  • Pray for the victims of sickness and poverty included in the hospice program. As the days are getting shorter it is time to begin thinking ahead in preparation for the cold winter months. We have patients who fear the winter. Because they wonder how will they heat their home and what will they eat. We pray to be able to provide those in need with basic food and firewood. Pray for all those patients who besides having to fight cancer they also have to face material deprivation. Pray that we can comfort them and give them the helping hand when the burden gets too heavy. 
  • Please keep in your prayers the families in hospice care who are very concerned with what tomorrow brings them.

 Thank you for continuing to pray for Emanuel Hospice


Provided by Emanuel Hospice, Romania