After 15 years of planning, dreaming, fundraising and building First Baptist Church Sofia’s new building was officially dedicated on 20 September 2015. The new church building is just a couple of blocks down the same street from the old church building. Gerry Partridge, TEN Chief Executive, was one of those who attended. He reports, “Just three days before the opening they received the official license for them to use the building and to connect the main permanent services. God is never late but always on time! A real answer to prayer.” He adds, “On Sunday morning we started off in the old church building to thank God for His faithfulness then walked to the new building to celebrate and dedicate the new building for His service. It was packed to capacity, my guess about 600 people, attended the dedication service.”

“Thank you to all those who prayed, and thank God for answering our prayers. The building is all but finished, licences issued and the dedication and sanctification service was a real celebration to God’s provision and faithfulness over the 15 years of planning and construction.”

Background information:
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  • The first Baptist Church Sofia was started 127 years ago in the home of the original founder.
  • The old church was built 92 years ago in Ossogovo Street, Sofia. The congregation went ‘underground’ during the communist era when the local authorities took over the church building.
  • During the history of the church they have seen many births and deaths, persecution and blessing.
  • On Sundays they have to hold two services to enable all the congregations to attend.
  • The building is a ministry centre and includes:
    • A Medical Centre for the poor;
    • A Feeding Station;
    • A Children’s Centre;
    • A Youth Centre;
    • A Business Centre;
    • A Conference Centre;
    • A Church Building;
    • Accomodation.