1. Nikola Atanasov: a pregnant young woman is facing her child having congenital anomalies and possible Down syndrome. Pray for God’s strength, wisdom and healing.
  2. Nikola asks for prayer for Vanya as the lump in her breast is soon to be operated on. Vanya has two daughters. Pray for God’s healing touch and overflowing peace.
  3. Pray for Nikola and Daniela to have power and be strong in the Lord.
  4. Teddy & Didi Oprenovi: Pray for the upcoming elections in Bulgaria. Pray that the new government will be God fearing and motivated to serve the people of Bulgaria better.
  5. Pray for the literacy classes; for more teachers enabling better education and care for the children. Pray that this ministry will really change children’s lives long-term and make an impact.
  6. Pray for the new families attending church. May they feel comfortable, welcomed, relaxed and accepted and may they find friends with whom they will grow spiritually and experience God’s love.
  7. Bulgaria is now home to many refugees. Pray for the volunteers, camp staff, and the system of support. Pray for their safety. Pray against Bulgarians being prejudice and xenophobic.
  8. Fellowship of the Lord’s People, Kosovo: Artur Krasniqi: For God’s wisdom, guidance and strength as he continues to lead the church and also for his family
  9. Blerim Skivjani: Pray for Blerim’s upholding and perseverance as he works amongst the Roma people; for God’s love to touch people’s hearts.
  10. Leonora & Luigji: Pray for wisdom and courage as they work in the Kacanik Youth Centre. Pray for clear guidance in their vision for how the church in Kacanik could be established.
  11. Slavko Hadzic, Bosnia: 8th-12th of this month Slavko is teaching at Langham Preaching Seminar which will be attended by pastors and preachers from Bosnia and Macedonia. Pray for safe travel, for participants and for Slavko as he teaches.
  12. For Christmas events and puppet shows with evangelistic message. Last year saw 300 children + parents watching the puppet show, and many of them took Bible’s. Pray this year many will come and be touched by the Gospel message.
  13. Pray for Slavko’s Christmas concert: for good attendance and that people will be touched through the worship and evangelistic message.
  14. Ljiljana Banicek, Bosnia: pray for the Church Christmas drama and programmes aimed at sharing the Good News.
  15. For the new church building now standing proud within the community. May they experience growth and know God’s work and provision through this long awaited building.
  16. Sinisa and Olja Stojkovic, Bosnia: That Sinisa will be able to train up new leaders and share responsibilities after 17 years of service. For their two sons who currently are not within the church.
  17. Zoli Vegel and Maca Turner, Serbia: Pray against melancholy, depression, unemployment, lack of money, lack of interest for the town of Sombor.
  18. Pray for the church to be spiritually strong so it can fulfill a purpose within the town which God has appointed.
  19. Zoli has a vision for the church yard – pray for wisdom and resources as he begins preparations for next year.
  20. Dusan Beredi: Pray for change in the lives of men within the Rainbow Rehabilitation Center. Many of them have been taking drugs for over ten years and been involved in criminal activities. Pray for the church and centre leaders as they help and teach.
  21. Pray for the team of five people living in Obrenovac, which was flooded in May and has no evangelical church. Pray for their vision of a church and as they help people practically and spiritually.
  22. Pray also for other activities within Novi Sad church: hospice, Alpha, Rangers and for this Christmas season to maximise the sharing of the Good News.
  23. Rock of Ages, Romania: Pray for God’s wisdom and healing touch as Ronela and Mircea are facing some health issues whilst also trying to find a balance between ministry and personal life.
  24. Work has just started in Moldova; please pray for the resources to come in surrounding this new expansion of Rock of Ages.
  25. Happy Christmas! As we celebrate Christ’s birth, we pray for those who do not yet know Him and we rejoice in this day with brothers and sisters across Europe.
  26. Pray for the Christmas programs that gifts given to the prisoners will be received in Christian love.
  27. Beni Micle: Please pray for the family’s health and provision to get through the cold season and for a car to take them along broken roads to villages.
  28. Pray for God’s discernment when it comes to decision making amongst the leadership team who want to follow in His Will.
  29. Evangelismo En Accion, Spain: Pray for several church families who have no income whatsoever. Pray for work despite Spain’s economic situation!
  30. Pray for the evangelistic outreach in Casarabonela town. Please pray for legal permits to perform an evangelistic musical which would open the doors for future testimony.
  31. Continue to pray for the current situations happening across Europe, especially between Ukraine and Russia. Pray all will be resolved peacefully. The situation is having huge ramifications across Europe.