December greetings to our dear friends, family. Here we are, slowly approaching the end of another year. Looking ahead, planning is great. Even greater is to look back and see footprints of God in every situation, in all circumstances of the past year. God invites us to mark moments of His special visitations and miracles. He invites us to share them with each other so all of us can be strengthened in our faith and trust for tomorrow.

Do not underestimate all those little things that He has done. That keeps us going, serving and investing in others. Small matters to Him, one matters to Him! Why bother persevering, serving and giving. Because this is what Jesus modelled for us all. Why bother visit and helping the sick? Because lives have been changed for eternity. Destinies have been determined as Zlata, Smilja, Sofija, Nada, Zoran….have looked up, cried out to Jesus and excepted His grace and salvation.

Zlata was diagnosed with throat cancer at the beginning of the year. Disease spread quickly and she is now weak and all she want us to do when we visit is pray and read the Word. She knows that she has very short time left. She knows where she is going and once again we are amazed at His work in lives of people. We can do our small part, you can do yours, but it is Him who opens the eyes of the blind and melts the stony heart.

Zoran, 47, will say goodbye to his dear family any day. He is so weak, and yet worked to provide for his family until few months ago. Cancer is beyond cure, but even though he has never heard about Christ, he now is His child, and feels carried in His arms during this difficult time. He also is sure that He will care for his young family, his wife and two boys.

There are so many stories. As dark as most of them are, light comes through bright and shiny. Jesus. He turns the light on. He is not only the reason for the Season. He is the reason why we and you bother with people. It is people that He came to save, people that He can love through us all! He loves drug addicts and totally changes the directions of their lives. This month we will celebrate 6 years of what was a tiny dream to help some heroin addicts. Ripple effect of that dream is amazing. Veljko, Bane, Dejan, Branko….are our first generation of new ministry plant near Belgrade. Wow! God is amazing. This is why we bother!

Thank you for not closing your eyes to the needy, for investing in people and for contributing to so many life changed stories. May God bless you in this Season, may the birth of Jesus and the example of His life be motivation to us all to be the light. May we never stop bothering with needy, sick, addicted, poor, lonely, depressed…On behalf of many changed lives and families and us, we thank you and wish you hope, peace, light and joy this Christmas and in days to come. Watch Him shine through you.


Danny & Vera Kuranji

Prayer – 

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  • Praise God for time to reflect upon His mercy and grace and upon a year of answered prayer.
  • Praise God that despite the darkness we sometimes go through and face – He never leaves our side.
  • Praise God for the continuing work amongst drug addicts and the turn-around in individuals lives that are visible!
  • Pray for the work that will continue in the winter months and into the new year.