TEN Partner, Mirco Andreev and the AGAPE Team are busy assisting scores of families affected by the severe flooding that swept through large parts of the capital, Skopje. With financial help from TEN, thanks to UK Christians, the team are providing vital supplies to families who are trying to salvage some of their possessions.

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However, the flooding has resulted in tons of damaged furniture and household appliances, as well as vehicles, being abandoned for clearance.


Please pray that resources will reach those most in need and that the government and other agencies will move swiftly to repair the infrastructure and assist the homeless.


Severe floods and an unprecedented storm have claimed the lives of 22 people and devastated large parts of Skopje during the evening of Sunday 7th August. Many victims drowned in their cars as the water rose, and hundreds were injured as water, debris and mud slides tore through the region. Continuous lightning strikes, thunder and torrential rain lashed the capital city of Macedonia and the surrounding area for several hours. Three-and-a-half inches (93mm) of rain fell in Skopje in the storm – more than the average for the whole of August, and the water level rose up to 5 feet (1.5 metres) in some areas.

Flood car pile

Meteorologists reckon the violent storm was a once-in-a-thousand-years occurrence. It was not until daybreak that the full horror of the floods was realised. Dramatic scenes of damaged vehicles piled up with some carried up to 200 metres away from the roads. The situation was extremely bad along main ring road around Skopje with major destruction of the highway.

Flood ring road

Horrible stories are emerging of people having to break windows in their desperate efforts to escape to the roofs in the darkness and rain. Many people have lost their houses, cars and all their possessions. Hundreds of homeless families are now sleeping in schools and sports arenas.

Flood home girl


Agencies from across the Balkans, the Macedonian army and police, churches and local communities are now all helping with relief efforts and the FYR Macedonian government has declared a state of emergency. Supplies of emergency drinking water, food and hygiene products are being brought in from surrounding countries. Macedonia faces weeks and many months of recovery as the huge clean-up will be followed by repairs to homes and roads.


Flood road

TEN Partner, Mirco Andreev, Pastor of The Evangelical Church and AGAPE Macedonia and his small team are seeking to help people in affected neighbourhoods in addition to their ongoing support for the refugees.

Pastor Mirco says “Please pray that God take care for all these things and for all this people that are in a really great need. Most of all pray that in this times of crisis, people to find comfort in the Lord.”

Flood home