Our partners have been extremely busy over the past few weeks using every opportunity to share the real meaning of Christmas in very creative and practical ways, both during December 25 celebrations and the Orthodox Christmas January 7.

TEN Partner in Russia Galina Dzhuzenova says they were able to reach people of all backgrounds and ages over the Christmas period: “We visited four hospitals, including three in Moscow and one in Kashenko where we visited four departments for elderly women in Kashenko hospital with a Christmas concert and gave some biscuits to patients. For them it brought some joy in their hard life there. They liked singing very much and they asked us to stay longer.

“Also we took part in organizing the Christmas meeting for widows in our church. We sang for them and gave them gifts and Christian calendars. They were very grateful and gave their greetings and blessings to TEN.

“We visited a TB sanatorium for children in Balashika town, with sweet gifts and toys and three children’s homes in various places outside Moscow, with sweets, toys and some clothes.”

Meanwhile our partner in Veles, Macedonia Dragan Manev explains how they were able to distribute hundreds of shoe boxes containing gifts over the past few weeks, as well as performing puppet shows: “A team from our Evangelical Church in Gevgelia and Marvinci shared on 25 of December, 250 shoe boxes to the refugee children in the south of Gevgelia. They said to me that there was a Christmas tree and Christmas English music.  They shared 200 shoe boxes to the Macedonian police man in the refugee camp in Gevgelia. They made plan also to share 250 shoe boxes for the New Year and 250 for the Orthodox Christmas.

“Our puppet show team was very busy over the Christmas period. They performed in our church a few times and in one local village and several local towns.  Afterwards in the village I had the opportunity to lead the children in a prayer of repentance and give them Christian literature and the shoe boxes.

“In one village near our town we brought food for a very poor family (one couple with 4 little kids) in partnership with TEN’s ‘Harvest for the Hungry’ project.  It was a huge blessing for that poor family. We shared with them New Testaments and something Biblical for the children. The door is open for deep work with them in the days ahead. Please pray for their roof.  It is very close to falling down.”

We’re so grateful to all our partners across Europe who tirelessly ministered in their communities through the Christmas period and ask you to pray that this ministry will bear long-lasting fruit.