“In our country, people get more and more insensitive to the gospel. In the 1990’s, many people from our country were answering with great excitement to the gospel, while nowadays this happens more and more rarely. And each time we preach the Good News to people it’s a great joy for us. A girl told me that she was praying for her parents to know the Lord and she had invited them to Christmas celebration. They had come to the church just because their daughter had invited them, but later they have testified that they they’ve been delighted by the joy and the encouragement they got in the church. Their daughter continues to pray for her parents salvation.

Thank you for your prayers for us personally and for our ministries. Thank you for your prayers for our family. May God reward your efforts fully.”

Moldovan Partner

Prayer – 

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  • Pray against apathy or insensitivity where the gospel is concerned.
  • Pray for all our Moldovan church planters who continue to serve their surrounding communities.