When you pass through waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire, you shall not be burned.
Isaiah 43:2

We would like to share two very different situations that both need prayer. Let us first tell you about Emron (pseudonym), who is one of the two migrant construction workers who was baptized last Sunday. He became a believer about ten years ago after meeting a believer while doing his military service. He had seen a lot of hypocrisy in the religion he grew up with, so when he met someone who really lived according to his faith, he was immediately attracted. Before he ended his military service he was a believer himself, and he decided the first thing he needed to do was change the part of his national ID card that states a person’s religion. When he told his wife what he did, she told her family about it, and they insisted that she start divorce proceedings immediately. Emron ended up getting divorced and losing all rights to see his child. Then Emron’s own family started putting pressure on him to change back to his former religion. When he refused, one of his brothers reported his name to a religious group that handles situations like this. At this point he fears for his life. He is looking for an opportunity to leave Turkey and set up a new life. In his words, “I have lost everything to follow Jesus, and I would do the same thing again.” Please pray that God would provide a place for him where he can become part of a church and grow in the faith.

On the other hand, Felie’s (pseudonym) family reacted very differently when he became a believer. Felie is a young man from Elbistan who has just finished high school. Felie got a Bible after his first year of high school, read it and believed. When he told his parents about it, they were concerned, but in the end they said, “You have to choose what you think is right.” When Metin came to Elbistan, they were happy to have him in their home and were very kind to him. Felie has just come to Istanbul and may stay here this year to work and prepare for the university exam. One of the reasons that his family was willing to send Felie here was that they trusted Metin and knew that Felie wanted to be part of a church. So, you can see their reaction was extremely different than Erkan’s family. Please pray that Felie may be able to find a job that will allow him not only to meet his basic expenses but also to actively participate in church life.

Written by Metin and Dan


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  • Praise God for the recent baptisms of 5 men!! Pray for their protection and God’s Holy Spirit’s renewing upon their lives. 
  • Praise God for the witness of local Christians in Turkey.
  • Pray for God’s power to breakthrough in Turkey; to put an end to the violence and dissuasion of family members upon their Christian believers.
  • Pray for Emron and Felie’s situations particularly Emron’s.