Galina has been working with the Brotherhood of Compassion since 1990 and has won an award (“For Merit to the Fatherland”) for the humanitarian projects and charitable work that The Compassion Ministry continues to do. Here is a brief update to keep you in the loop:

“We continue the ministry in four hospitals. Sisters of Mercy visit patients one day a week. Also, we continue the ministry in both the HIV Baby Home and TB sanatorium. We help the poor and needy families, large families, families having disabled children (we provide them with food parcels).

For many years we help the refugees and migrants. We continue this work among the labor migrants from Middle Asia republics of former USSR: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. There are lots of them in Moscow cleaning the streets, houses, shops, etc. They come with families, many children. Part of them are staying illegal. They live in barracks, basements in old ruined houses in very poor conditions. It is great possibility for evangelization! We give them food parcels, clothes, blankets, invite their children to come to our ‘annual services i.e Easter and Christmas’ and give them presents and Christian children books. Also we have New Testaments in Kirghiz and Uzbek languages.”

The photograph is of “Ilias who is 18 months old. His parents are from Kyrgyzstan. They live in a very cold barrack. We gave them warm clothes and blankets (that TEN gave us) and food-parcel.” Mission work is often repetitive. It involves at the very heart building relationships with people, gaining their trust and showing them continually the love and grace of Christ. The Compassion Ministry continues to daily serve those who have yet to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour in some of the toughest situations. 

  Galina Dzhuzenova


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  • Pray for Galina and the team. Thank God for their desire to serve those who are in tough situations and to be gracious to their needs.
  • Pray for The Compassion Ministry, the practicalities of running such a charity and those that it reaches out to.
  • Pray for the refugees and migrants, for CM’s witness to them.