This May, the Compassion Ministry will be celebrating 27 years since its opening.With only 3 full time workers and 50 volunteers the amount of children and vulnerable they reach is admirable. TEN proudly partners with this organisation through key events such as Harvest for the Hungry and our Gift Catalogue. 

“Sisters of mercy continue the ministry in the hospital Kashenko, Herontological Center, in the hospital #20 and Balashikha hospital. Sisters take care of the patients, help them to get dressed and undressed, feed them, read Bible to them.

We regularly arrange Christmas and Easter meetings in these hospitals. During the meetings we glorify God and sing Christian hymns, some of the patients actively participate in the singing. The medical personnel is thankful to us for the meetings. Besides we bring presents to the patients, it is different sweets and confectionery.

We continue the ministry to disabled children. It is our most pain. In our country there is no place for disabled children. They can’t go to ordinary school. They can’t go to the theatres, cinemas, sport centers and other places. There is no special equipment for them. They can only stay at the special internats or boarding schools or at homes. We try to make the life of such children happier. We provide them with wheel-chairs and other things. We visit them at homes and boarding schools, we invite and bring them to the church for special occasions: Christmas, Easter. We organize concerts and performances for them, give them presents, toys, play and sing with them. You need to see their happy faces and listen to thanks of their mothers.”

Moscow, Russia

Prayer – 

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  • Praise God for 27 wonderful years of ministry, for an expanding team, for the people they reach and for God’s continual pushing.
  • Pray for those who suffer with disabilities in Russia. Thank God for those who care for them but pray for a change in people’s attitudes and legislation.
  • Pray for the upcoming Easter activities that will be taking place and for God’s presence and life to be tangible for those who have heard 1000 times to those who are hearing for the first time.