When Sally Bertram and Rachael Fox met with Mirco Andreev in Macedonia last month, they heard firsthand of his concern for those towns in Macedonia – 12, at least – without any church or Christian witness in them. They also heard how churches in Macedonia work together, wherever possible, as part of their desire to help to change this and to plant new churches.

Recently Mirco and his colleagues have been visiting nearby Sveti Nikole, an area which has been on their hearts for some time and which, to their knowledge, has no other Christian input. They have decided to take this process of making regular contact with the town at a fairly slow pace and keep their visits fairly informal. So far, this seems to have been well received.

Sally and Rachael also met Stole Petrovski, Mirco’s assistant pastor at Skopje Evangelical Church, who also leads The Bible League in Macedonia. Just as the churches in Macedonia regularly work together, so too do The Bible League and Skopje Evangelical Church. Stole and The Bible League play a key role in helping to train pastors.


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  • Give thanks for the co-operation between churches in Macedonia and pray for God’s blessing on their work together.
  • Pray that Mirco and his colleagues’ visits to Sveki Nikole will slowly but surely build up trust and links that will one day result in a new church being established there.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom for Mirco and Stole as they work together to take the gospel to towns without any Christian input.