We all love the feel and freshness of clean clothes and bed linen. But for many families struggling with poverty in eastern Europe, laundry is the last thing on their mind. For some of the socially vulnerable families living in Gotesti, Moldova help to assist with the washing is about to be offered for free from an unusual source.

For a long time, the Gotesti Baptist Church, led by Ruslan and Larisa Telpiz, wanted to develop a project aimed at the village’s most needy people and vulnerable families. Earlier this year, Gotesti Baptist Church received some funding which enabled the church to purchase two washing machines, with a third machine being donated by a church member who works in elsewhere in Europe. The next step was to prepare a room specifically for the project, complete with plumbed-in water and waste systems. Workers, materials and additional finance are all needed to complete the project ahead of its launch this Autumn.

Church Laundry RoomThe project is to be known as Tabitha, and will see church members washing clothes and bed sheets for people who lack this provision. The project name is taken from the biblical story of Tabitha in Acts 9; a fine example of a woman who met the needs of neighbours and particularly those less fortunate.

The Tabitha project has been subject of countless prayers and dreams. A laundry and wash room in the church grounds, opposite the church building, would mean church members could wash the clothes of needy people, including children, elderly people, the physically-disabled and homeless people. There is a great need for this service, and consequently it provides an opportunity to serve people, offer friendship, share the good news of Jesus and to invite them to church meetings. This project promises to be well supported, with many women in the church family having a real heart for this ministry.

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