Dear friends, thank you for your support and friendship. I’m using this opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. As church, we celebrate Christmas for whole month time, since people here come from two traditions – Western (that celebrates on December 25) and Eastern (that celebrates Christmas according to old calendar, which would be January 7). Since we don’t want to separate people we celebrate both dates equally. Pray that God would bless this period.

‘It’s IN to be CLEAN’ 
It’s In To Be Clean (Serbian: IN je biti CLEAN), is a program of addiction prevention we are developing as church together with centre for heroin addicts. Listening to stories of many users of our centre, we have come to a conclusion that making drugs a scary story has no effect. All of them have heard drugs are harmful, as well of the consequences, but that didn’t stop them try. Some of them were even attracted to examine themselves that evil. So we try to approach prevention in positive way – we offer different options and different way of thinking.

During war in our country young people were presented a thinking that one is “IN“ (or popular) only if dangerous, a lousy student, a criminal, wasting lots of money, partying around. Today young people still don’t have a good compass and that drives them to addictions. We want, in God’s power, to change the message. It is IN to be a good student, a sportsman, a musician, to have great hobbies, to be CLEAN. That is why we gather people from different sports, music, art and people of influence to share the message It Is In To Be Clean.

The idea started by Alexandar Janic – Jana, one of our first people who have finished rehabilitation in our centre. After 18 years of drug abuse and many failed attempts to stop doing it; he finally found freedom in God. Before entering world of drugs, he was a successful man, the first DJ in Novi Sad, running his own club, but lost it all. People were disappointed with him, gave up all hopes about him, but when they see him now it’s hard to believe he is the same person. That opens many doors for the Rainbow centre. This year we were given to use for free main hall of SPENS – largest sports and business centre in Novi Sad and gathered over 400 volunteers in 41 workshops.

It’s IN to be Clean enables us stepping into society, sending positive message, and even we have no freedom to preach the Gospel, we can still make large influence on our society, bring the mentality of the kingdom of God.”

Pastor Dusan Beredi (Bera)

Prayer – 

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  • For further developing of ‘It’s IN to be Clean’. The following year we would like to start promoting prevention program in public schools.
  • For Alpha course in February. We would like to use winter season to promote Alpha and many activities are in plan.