Saturday 29 August, 2020

Saturday 29 August

2020-08-19T18:18:31+01:00August 29th, 2020|Bob's Blog|

Your donation helped to break the cycle of hunger It is no secret Poor nutrition impacts on health and consequently on education and the prospects for employment. Without [...]

Friday 28 August, 2020

Friday 28 August

2020-08-19T18:16:13+01:00August 28th, 2020|Bob's Blog|

Why feed kids overseas when children in the UK go to bed hungry? Good question... There are many hungry children in the UK and were it not for [...]

Thursday 27 August, 2020

Thursday 27 August

2020-08-19T18:14:15+01:00August 27th, 2020|Bob's Blog|

Kindness is never forgotten. Will you please help us today? In the remote, Bulgarian town called Ihtiman, a Roma community is being reached with the love of God. [...]

Wednesday 26 August, 2020

Wednesday 26 August

2020-08-19T18:08:13+01:00August 26th, 2020|Bob's Blog|

Making a difference this winter in Eastern Europe Inside a Bulgarian Soup Kitchen Chattering and smiling, the Roma children shuffle along the wooden benches and wait patiently with [...]

Tuesday 25 August, 2020

Tuesday 25 August

2020-08-18T08:26:49+01:00August 25th, 2020|Bob's Blog|

Whatever happened to soup kitchens? Has much changed? One of the most economical ways to provide hot nourishing food to large numbers of people is through soup kitchens. [...]

Tuesday 18 August, 2020

2020-08-24T08:37:42+01:00August 18th, 2020|Bob's Blog|

Harvest for the Hungry 2020 I want to tell you why I'm so passionate about the plight of the hungry and show you how the response of Christians [...]


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