“‘Kian’ used to be a problematic kid, now young adult. We prayed together in 2011, he was doing good for a month and then got back into problems. He was away for a year and after that was gone from our radars but obviously not from Gods radar! He showed up on all the outreach events. After one of the Sunday services (led by Americans) he came to me and said – “Zoli pray for me, I want to follow God and not to screw up and give up again!” So I prayed and asked him to pray too and he did. I took him for a ride with me to Subotica one night and we talked a lot. Among other things he said he got sick with his empty life. He decided to come to church and to turn into God’s direction. We started meeting together for a prayer, Bible reading etc. He is praying every time! He got a job – actually, one of the American girls prayed for him to find a job and he did that very day. He said it impacted him a lot!

‘Ivor’ – he and his family used to come to church years ago. They stopped coming, we tried pursuing them, finaly we gave up and they went missing from our radar but again, not from Gods one. To cut the story short, his wife left him and his kids. He got desperate and in desperate situation. We helped him with food parcel and he showed up for outreach events. He enjoyed being there. Showed up for Bible studies and we started meeting for prayer and Bible reading!

Please pray for this 2 guys! Great lesson, can’t escape God.”

 Written by Zoli Vegel


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  • Please pray for the two men: Kian and Ivor, both desperately needing God in their lives. Pray for their understanding, their discipleship, their spiritual growth and for strong Christian friends to come around them. 
  • Pray for Zoli and those he works with. Thank God for their service and perseverance despite often not seeing the fruit of their labours. May there be more Kian’s and Ivor’s for them to witness to and share with.