Greetings from Bulgaria,

With the financial donation sent by TEN in December 2015, we were able to support soup kitchens for children from poor Roma families; most of these families are of Muslim origin. The cooks are volunteers from the church in Rozino. They cook and teach children about hygiene habits. They pray for them and encourage the children to go to school. The results are very encouraging. God is changing the behavior of children, and we hope this will bring change for their future.

Thanks for your financial and spiritual support! It is very important for the future of these children and for us.

For us 2016 began very intensively. On 9 January, we had a Christian women’s conference attended by 400 women (see photo). The aim of the conference was to start a Christian movement for women. This is a great burden and a big responsibility for us!

We’ve more events coming up soon. Please pray for the following:

  • February: A seminar about family life
  • April: A camp for women at risk
  • May: A conference for pastors
  • July: Two children’s camps

Thank you for your partnership!

Roumen Ivanov
Mission Possible Bulgaria