Bera has had an incredibly busy summer. Besides being the pastor to his church in Novi Sad, out of 90 summer days – 40 of them were spent in various camps! Read below to find out more: 

Camp for Fathers and children – This was the first action taken by our new ministry – Christian Vision for Men. In our society, patriarchal as it is, men often don’t have time for their children. We want to develop an image of a Biblical man, a man that serves his family, but also spends time with them. Camping, fishing, camp fire, nature and fathers with their children in tents…For some fathers this has been a very first experience solely with their children, and our children still, after three months keep talking about this special event.

English camp for Youth – Together, with Josiahventure, this evangelistic camp happened for the second time. Young people studied English but they also learnt about Jesus Christ. We have had 21 participants, and some have decided to accept Christ as their Saviour. A week of fun, friends and gospel! Great thing was that many have come through an internet invitation, which was the first time we invited people in this way – it bore us fruit!

Vrdnik: Church of God Camp – Royal Rangers from our church have had an opportunity to serve on church of God Camp in Vrdnik. They have taught teens scout skills but also spiritual lessons connected with those skills. Pastor Bera spoke each evening. The main theme was ‘The Original, not a Copy’.

Other camps included: Betel Children’s camp, Betel Teen’s Camp, It’s in to be clean, and a camp for the Rainbow Center guys. As a reward for their hard work, and as an opportunity to have good fellowship, we went camping with men from our Rehabilitation Center Rainbows (a rehab center that functions in the frames of our church). Fishing, swimming, good food, sports, and spiritual evening; these kinds of things remain good in the minds of men on going through rehabilitation – being treated as humans and not as criminals.

The crown of this summer however, were the baptisms that took place for the second time this year. Five people were baptised and each of them is very special. We had a young man get baptised who committed his life to Christ through Royal Rangers, which is very special to me to learn how the Rangers influence young people’s lives. Two men from our rehab center confessed the freedom they found in Christ. An x-Muslim also committed his life and finally, Pavle committed his life to Christ – 40 years after he first heard God’s call on his life!

Written by Dusan Beredi
Pastor of Novi Sad Christian Fellowship, Serbia

Bera asks for Prayer for the following: 

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  • For fruit of this summer’s work – to use it well. We are planning a follow up, and we need wisdom.
  • For Mirjana and Bera. For God to lead and strengthen them. Bera’s father passed this July and besides his passing there are difficulties for the family now. Please pray for God’s peace over the situation and His provision.
  • Pray for this year’s plans, especially for starting a church in Futog (Novi Sad’s suburb, with 30,000 residents, without a single evangelical church). More and more people from Futog are coming to Christ and we believe the time has come to do something about it.