In May, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia experienced the worst flooding in their history with lives lost, homes torn down and numerous destructive landslides. Within days reports came in outlining the extent of the damage. TEN launched its Balkan Flood Appeal and received a tremendous response. The appeal continues. Last week, rains came once more and destroyed all in their path. Homes that were previously flooded and beginning to be restored were once again wiped out. Landslides added to the disaster. Towns that were untouched in May have been hit by this second bout of flooding. We plead with you once more to hear the cries of those who have lost everything and are unable to help themselves; for those who have lost all hope and strength to go through this again; for volunteers who had been stretched in giving aid and providing comfort in May to now having to face doing so again. The appeal continues. Read below for a latest update and extracts from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty for Bosnia and Herzegovina:

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“Floods in Bosnia again!

In BiH, the water flows, in the area of ​​municipalities Zenica, Žepče, Banovići, Ilidža, Maglaj and Jablanica, blocked the roads and activated landslides. The population was evacuated from the flooded facilities in the area of ​​Zenica, and in Banovići the water took away bridges. Torrential rain also hit Mostar and Banja Luka. In Kostajnica were flooded numerous houses, and the Mayor declared the state of emergency. Locals of the village, which was destroyed in the May floods and landslides,  announced protests in front of the Municipality of Zepce where they set up tent village.

Tuzla canton
Ibrahim Omic, from the village Simin Han in Tuzla, was taking out water from his house again on Wednesday morning. His house was flooded in May, too. All that was rehabilitated from the last flooding in Simin Han was due to the good organization of the villagers, and the villagers themselves saved the bridge that leads to the main road.

Residents of  Dobošnica near Lukavac: “I stoped with work in my house due to the last flooding five days ago. New flood came. We help our neighbors to take the stuff outside at the moment.  To save what we can, “says Nihad Garagić.

In Kalesija, citizens who also in May suffered enormous damage, are again with the fear … On Tuesday evening,  their houses were flooded, and new landslides have appeared. “The water is down, on the downstairs floor, … there is nothing, disaster. My field is shattered, all the soil gone. ”

“I feel bad. As soon as the rain struck, there is no sleep for us. Nobody is coming to see what happened to us…”

The Canton headquarters of the Civil Defence also fears of the scenario from May. Director said that rain, in just a few hours, in the Tuzla Canton brought immeasurable harm. 

Article provided by Nives Pavic

If you would like to give to the Balkan Flood Appeal then please follow this link:


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  • “Please pray for our country, for soft hearts, thank you! And for the churches, so we share!”
  • Pray for wisdom and Godly discernment for the government as they deal with an even bigger crisis on their hands.
  • Pray for Church leaders who are receiving in aid to deal with the crisis. May they have peace and discernment to know who needs immediate aid and how to handle the growing mentality and disheartened sentiment of the people.
  • May God make Himself known to these nations. May He break in and show His faithfulness and love. Pray for people to recognise God’s grace and love through Christians who are reaching out to them.