1. “Pray for Director, Marian Serban, who deals with the day to day pressures of running PRR and for founder, Daniel Mercado, for healing of health problems.”
  2. PRR would love to see “the children/teenagers in the Boys’ and Girls’ Homes to get closer, through phone calls and visits, to their natural families during this summer holiday”.
  3. Mihai and Cosmin are twins from Casa Benjamin, who leave PRR after school (this year). Praise God for their job in Norway; pray for their spiritual and physical protection.
  4. Dragan Manev, Macedonia: “Pray for our leadership team in Evangelical Church in Veles. We want to build strong leadership team here. In these coming months we want to focus much on that.”
  5. “Pray for summer evangelism events: visiting villages around Veles, possible puppet show evangelism and Christian rap evangelism.”
  6. “Pray for work with gypsy people here. We need a gypsy, Christian couple who will serve as missionaries to the gypsies (together with us).” The need is great but the workers are few!
  7. Vance Golomeov, Macedonia: “This summer we have some teams coming to our church…” Pray for the teams to help with street evangelism and other church activities this summer.
  8. Vance and team continue to witness in Sveti Nikole: “Pray for all the people that we contact in the city; that the Holy Spirit will witness in their hearts.”
  9. Vance and family live with his mum which is very challenging, “Pray for my mother’s salvation (complete transformation) and bodily healing”.
  10. “May God give me wisdom for my family—to teach them God’s way.” Pray for Ana, Stefan and Andrej to grow up with their own faith.
  11. Josip Pastor, Macedonia: 11 people attended the Alpha course; “please pray that these 11 new people come to know Christ personally and be prepared to decide for baptism.”
  12. The church in Bitola had an evangelistic project for youth in July and is using the Alpha course as follow up. Pray this course goes well and young people accept Christ.
  13. “Pray for ‘Resen’ town, for leading and wisdom as God opens doors with one-two families; may there be more and a need to start a new church.”
  14. “Pray for leaders’ new refreshment, for their love towards God and His people, to be able to see God’s plans for the church and be able follow.”
  15. Beginning of Life, Moldova (BOL): “Give thanks for BOL’s very successful recent conference on trafficking. Pray this event will lead to increased safeguarding action for vulnerable Moldovans against traffickers.”
  16. “Give thanks for the new Early Learning Centre at BOL. This is now serving 35 single mothers and their children.”
  17. “Pray for the ‘Church for Tomorrow’ project, established to serve the 18-25 age group. Roughly 140 people currently attend but many new people are coming. Pray for wisdom in leading this growing project.”
  18. Slavoljub Randjelovic, Serbia: “Snezana and I had started a home group in Krusevac (big city); we pray that the Lord lead and bless so people can grow in the knowledge of our Saviour.”
  19. In late August, there is a Royal Ranger camp and youth camp; pray for the preparations needed and for each person taking part that they will meet with Christ.
  20. There is a baptism planned for mid-August. Pray for Slavoljub as he shares the gospel message with new faces. Pray for the protection of those being baptised.
  21. Zoltan Vegel, Serbia: In July, Zoli’s church shared an outreach with Northcoast Church including different events for all ages and spectrums of faith; pray for those who attended and the growth of this partnership.
  22. Tomislav Dobutovic, Bosnia: Since May 2014, the church has been concentrating efforts in Maglaj, a town devastated by the floods. Tomi’s long term prayer is that a church will begin in Maglaj.
  23. Church Camp takes place this month, “…a time of spiritual renewal, spending time together and better understanding of God’s word; time to invite our friends and relatives.”
  24. The Kairos Centre needs a new house keeper, preferably a family willing to serve in this ministry. Pray for a passionate and trustworthy couple to join the team.
  25. Tomi and Lidija have asked for renewed vision and strength to continue this ministry which they’ve faithfully served in for many years.
  26. Pray for different groups surrounding and supporting TEN: Ambassadors, volunteers, supporters, Trustees, Chris Hill and TEN’s Prayer Warriors serving on the front line.
  27. Slavko Hadzic, Bosnia: Continue to pray for Slavko’s ongoing recovery from his recent kidney and gut surgery. May he have time to experience true rest amidst recovering also.
  28. Pray in this period without Slavko, the church will remain faithful and that new people might step up in faith to fulfil new roles.
  29. Rock of Ages, Romania: Pray for Mircea and Ronela as they continue to witness to prisoners, now reaching out to Moldova and holding conferences in Norway. Pray for their continued health.
  30. Praise God for all that has gone on this summer! May His Will have been done and may many more people have had the opportunity to encounter the living Christ!
  31. Continue to pray for our partners’ health and rejuvenation as we approach new school terms, winter and the launch of winter programmes.