1. Alpha is a strong outreach in Europe; please pray for lives that have been touched, that people might continue to be fed and enriched by Christian brothers and sisters around them.
  2. Teenagers are attending ‘Teenstreet Conference’ in Germany until the 9th. Pray for strong and lasting encounters with God.
  3. 40 people will be attending camps this month in Serbia. May decisions be made to follow Christ and lives transformed.
  4. Nikola Atanasov, Bulgaria. Three young people have begun ministering to peers through meetings led in different homes each week. Pray God will strengthen and empower them.
  5. Pray for a couple in church who are close to divorce. “We want to serve them and with God’s help they keep their marriage.”
  6. Pray for the practicalities of church life, especially for somewhere to meet in the village of Tsarimir.
  7. Milcho Deyanov, Bulgaria requests, “For open doors where God wants us to start new churches and that He will show us the people we are to enter into covenant relationships with.”
  8. Praise God for the work He is doing in Popovo and for continued transformation of the town.
  9. Milcho and Benny would dearly love their own place to live to begin a family. Please pray for the couple’s health and the next stage of married life together.
  10. Peter and Lynne Yeoman, Poland. There are many youth camps and outreaches during the summer. Pray for young people to come to know Christ.
  11. Pray for Peter and Lynne’s time away from family in England. May they remain close despite the distance and know God’s love for their family back home.
  12. April saw Poland partake in 40 days of prayer and fasting. Please pray for continued wisdom and guidance in all that took place then and what’s still to come.
  13. Slavoljub Randjelovic, Serbia. A large proportion of Roma people will take on seasonal work in agriculture. Pray for good weather for a plentiful harvest.
  14. Today, the Ignite camp begins in Romania with Casa Grace. Please pray for 20 young people helping from Elim Keynsham, and for the 70 children who will attend, aged between 5 – 13.
  15. Slavoljub also requests prayer for the camps happening with Royal Rangers this summer. Pray for safety, fun and God’s revelation.
  16. Anatoli Yankov, Bulgaria. As often is the case for many of our church partners, Anatoli asks for prayer for increased volunteers to help in ministry.
  17. As the ministry grows so does the need for various resources. Pray Anatoli and the church might be able to reach out to those around them.
  18. Today a bereavement camp begins in Romania, by Emanuel Hospice, with 25 attendees. Pray for protection, for the hospice team / volunteers and for wisdom.
  19. Hervin Fushekati, Albania. Outreaches and opportunities continue to arise. Hervin asks “for wisdom to know how to prioritise important activities and prune out those time-stealing parasites in our lives.”
  20. Hervin and team are taking steps to focus on ‘Discipleship’. Pray they will be intentional in all relationships, leading to a great chain reaction of generational disciple multiplication.
  21. “Please intercede for us that God will provide more volunteers, workers and strategic partners so we can carry out the vision and burden the Lord has put before us”.
  22. Pray for the leadership team, for protection so that God’s Glory will always be the purpose and heart of everything they do, whether in their personal lives, families, or ministry.
  23. The Ignite camp ends today. Pray that young lives will have discovered Christ’s love.
  24. Blerim Skivjani, Kosovo. Pray for Blerim’s upholding and perseverance with the work amongst the Roma people. May he be encouraged and guided in his teaching.
  25. Blerim has already seen people become Christians in this new work. Pray for their discipleship and development as they face opposition from local Muslims and family members.
  26. Pray for a spirit of unity across the believers of Kosovo. May they find courage and wisdom to reach out to their Muslim friends.
  27. Tomislav Dobutovic, Bosnia. Tomi’s church is attending a camp in Mostar. Please pray for “…opportunity for church friends and contacts to join us and hear about God.”
  28. Zanio Kraguji has recently started ministry in the church, since graduating from the Bible College. His main responsibilities are visits and the elderly. Please pray for Zanio.
  29. The church is in the process of receiving a Bosnian family to serve with the church and the Bible Institute. Please pray for clear guidance in this.
  30. Praise God for the advancement in Nathan’s, Tomi’s son, schooling and grades. Pray that Tomi and Lidija will find time to be together as a family.
  31. Pray for the work of TEN: its European partners, office staff, ambassadors, volunteers, trustees and supporters.